Antique Jukeboxes

Want to sell your old Jukebox and get top dollar?

We are very interested in buying your old Jukebox no matter what the condition. If the machine is incomplete and doesn't work we don't care. If you have more than one machine even better as we are looking for many different models of these old jukeboxes.

The machines could be found in many locations all across the country pouring out the music of the day. We are interested in several models from the 30's, 40's, 50's, & 60's such as Wurlitzer, Rockola, Seeburg, AMI, Mills, and many others. We are also very interested in some of the old speakers so if you have any for sale let us know.

We are always buying any Mills Violano Virtuoso or John Gabel Automatic Entertainer. If you have one of these machines we would like to buy it. We don't care if it is barn fresh and in need of a total restoration we want it.

We want these old Jukeboxes and condition, location, or amount is no problem. If you have one you would like to sell contact K.C. Coin-op and we will be glad to buy it. Contact us.

A Few Examples